Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews And Buying Guide

It is a common thing nowadays, if some of you are facing a trouble with the water in your home being contaminated with bad substances. Negative substances that contain in your water will surely give bad affects to you and your family health. Since health is an ultimate aspect in our life, now it is time for you to look for the solution, which is by purchasing a water filter pitcher. In this way, the water that is contaminated will be filtered so it can be used for daily activities. This article will show you some recommendation of the best water filter pitcher products.

What is Water Filter Pitcher

Some of you maybe haven’t heard about this water filter pitcher. Water filter pitcher is used to get rid the taste and odor of the water that has been contaminated with bad substances. The way how it works is by removing the bad substances such as heavy metals, chlorine, microbiological cysts and pharmaceutical traces. This product is also be used to reduce odor that cause by industrial pollutants and another negative compounds. Water filter pitcher is really useful because it turn the contaminated water to be clean and be able to drink for. You will never worry about being hydrated anymore.

Advantages of Water Filter Pitcher

By purchasing a water filter pitcher at your home, you will obviously receive a lot of advantages from it. One of the advantages of this product is it reduce the bad substances and bacterial, so the water won’t be smell anymore. Another advantage of water filter is it helps to prevent bad components to get into your body. By using this product, you will surely save more may because it is cheaper than when you are purchasing a bottled-water. The best thing about this product is the filtered water can be used for cooking and drinking, and it as well protecting our body from any diseases because water filter also retains the healthy minerals.

Top 4 Best Water Filter Pitchers

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with One Filter

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser is one of the recommendation products that is really useful to get rid of some bacterial contaminants and pharmaceuticals until ninety percent level. It is also useful to reduce those contaminants such as chlorine and mercury that are really bad when it is accidentally get inside our body. This dispenser can bear the capacity for almost eighteen cups or around 1,125 gallons. PUR 18 cup dispensed has such as simple and slim design, so when you are purchasing this you won’t need a lot of spaces.

This product is equipped with fill tray that is used for preventing spillage by distributing the water weight. Here is a tips for you, when you are purchasing this at home, you need to replace the filter quite often which is for every forty gallons. But you don’t have to worry because the filter is sold at low price and it will take around two months (for forty gallon) to replace one filter with another one.

Brita 10-Cup

Another best recommendation of the best water filter pitcher product for you is Brita 10-Cup. This type of water filter is useful to get rid of odor, as well the unwanted chlorine taste that ruins your taste buds. This product is also be used to reduce other bad substances in your water, such as cadmium, mercury, the taste of zinc, iron and even copper. This product is also supported with BPA free pitcher, which is functioned as the system to prevent health issues that caused by plastic products.

Brita 10-cup can bear the capacity until ten cups or around thirty nine gallons. This water filter is designed with an oval shape that can be placed on your kitchen counter. You will only need to replace the filter every two months, and the filters are sold in cheap price in the market.

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup

The next recommendation for the best water filter pitcher is MAVEA 1001125 ELEMARIS XL 9-Cup. This kind of water filter product is functioned to remove the odor and unwanted chlorine taste that are found in the contaminated water. MAVEA 1001125 is also used to reduce other negative substances such as heavy metals, iron, pesticides, Agricultural substances and also pollutants substances that are caused by industrial activities.

It even can remove lime scale, cooper and benzene. This water pitcher can bear for nine cups capacity which is equal to forty gallons. This product comes in many varieties of colors that you can choose according to your own so it can fit well with your home decoration. The MAVEA is supported with a feature of pour-through liquid that works automatically. You only need to replace the filter in two months, and you can purchase it in such a little price.

ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup

ZeroWater ZP-010 is useful to get rid of odor and chlorine taste that are unwanted in your water. It is as well helping to reduce negative components such as mercury, chromium and lead. ZeroWater can hold for forty gallons and ten cups. Every two months you need to replace the filter with the one.

This is also equipped with five stage dual-ion exchange filtration system and is powered with TDS battery that makes the water cleaner and fresher so it will be perfectly drinkable for you and your family. This product is design with simplicity that you can surely place it anywhere without being worried wasting so much space.