Best Portable Massage Table Reviews And Buying Guide

Massage is already become the needs of almost everyone. All of us want to escape from the busy of life and the high fatigue by choosing massage as the best alternative. There are many type of massage that you can choose. The utilities or properties to do the massage are also different each other. You can have some that is really practical and very functional for you. To make sure that you have greater experience, you can choose a best portable massage table. The portable massage utilities will let you have a service wherever you are. It is good for business and even for personal use.

Advantages of Portable Massage Table

In personal use, the use of portable massage table will be functioned well in adding the better form of keeping or saving options. You can fold it up and keep it on the storage. By doing so, you will be able to use and unused it whenever you need.

Another advantage is that you can bring the massage table when you are traveling or when you want to enjoy the beach while having massage. For the business usage, the message services are now not only has the steady place to visit. Some of the message services are also love to come from one client home to the others in giving the service. This type of practical service is really loved by the consumer because it does not make them need to travel from home to the massage center. It will cut off the time for sure. The features of massage table are also very complete.

It can even more complete than the permanent version of massage table. All you need to consider in choosing the massage table is the weight, the material and what are the features that you will get there. Do not forget also about the comfort because it should be the important thing from the consumers.

Top 3 Best Portable Massage Tables

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive

Among lot of product to be considered, there are already some high quality products that you can choose. One of them is Sierra Comfort All Inclusive. This is one type of massage table that will provide a lot of advantage for you. As the massage table, it has all inclusive massage bundle system in its table. There are also some sheets and powerful accessories that can help you realize the massaging system easily. Although it is a portable stuff, the function is really fundamental as the permanent one.

There is a removable facial cradle and arm supports. It can be adjusted to your need. As the table for having massage, it has special material which is waterproof and oil resistant as well. All you need is clearly represented here. The main material is also constructed by using the high quality beach timber. To afford high weight of the consumers, it has 2.5 inch of high density foam for improving the comfort.

Black Portable Massage Table

To complete your choice, here is one more valuable product of massage table which is worth to buy. It is Black Portable Massage Table, a portable massage table that has enough dimensions for about 73 inches of long. This length does not include the face cradle. The width is about 28 inch and the height is fully adjustable from 24 to 33 inches. You can adjust its height based on the most comfortable position.

As the portable stuff, you are pretty lucky because it has a premium carry case that will make you are easier in lifting the items up. The appearance and the design are also made to be very convenience and exclusive as well. With this type of portable massage table, the sense of massage will be improved for sure. The total capability is about 450 lb. of its maximum capacity.

Earthlite Harmony DX

Using Earthlite Harmony DX is also another choice that you can do. It is one of the massage tables that have a spacious design and including the face cradle. This element will improve the comfort of the consumer for sure. The cushion is matching and its single pocket carry case is also very functional. The material is using maple legs with some aircraft grade for birch decking.

This type of message table can afford up to 450 lbs. it is also pretty strong because it pass the load drop test already. The manufacturer offer limited lifetime construction warranty as the great support.



Best Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews

Shiatsu massaging method is one of the trusted massage concepts that can produce a very high quality of health and body treatments. The use of best shiatsu massage chair can be very beneficial for you.

Many people should love to have massaged, especially when their body are very tired and exhausted. Massage can heal the stamina while recharging the passion. That is why many people love to have the service even they are in the busy situation. It has a lot of benefits for both body and mind. Shiatsu massage is one of the most favorite types of massage that is well known for its effectiveness. Some producer of massage utilities are even produce best shiatsu massage chair to complete the need of consumer about their massage comforts. By having the massage chair, they will no more need to go to massage center. Every need has been added on that type of chair massage system.

Advantages of Shiatsu Massage Chair

As you know, there must be some advantages or benefits that you can have after you are using the massage chair. Many advantages are provided well in shiatsu massage chair that you choose.

The most fundamental advantages are all about the function to remove your fatigue. A common design of massage chair will includes the sore muscles. It is the area where the most of pain and fatigue are produced through the sore bones and joints. The less treatment in this area will produce bad result for the health.

In having this type of massage system, you will have greater condition of sore muscles. It has special massage system that can let the leg very relax and are very comfortable. Besides that, the design of the chair will also improve the blood flow.

You can have a very beneficial blood flow by sitting and have treatment in the chair for sure. The blood flow which is running properly will support your body mechanism and even improve your body health. It also offers faster body healing during the illness or injury. It can even produce mobility and flexibility, reduction of bout of constipation and many more.

Top 3 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Electric Full Body

In gaining the best experience on your massage activity, you have to choose the massage chair which can support all the function pretty well. The chair should have great quality, works function and also the higher sense of comfort. The use of Electric Full Body can be a wise idea. This is one type of massage chair that will produce full body treatments for the consumer. It can produce better treatment for the body especially when it has illness and injury.

However you must not be afraid to use it in a fresh body condition. It will always produce greater work even your body is in a fit condition. The shiatsu result from this chair is the presence of power rollers which will function well in relaxing the muscle stress. It also can rejuvenate your body and mind. Then do not forget that all these treatment can reduce your fatigue as well.

Full Body Zero Gravity

Next valuable product that you can choose is Full Body Zero Gravity. This type of shiatsu massage chair is having the spacious function to produce fundamental shiatsu treatments. This is one of the massage chairs that carries functional programs and also function. It makes the chair has a very complete function even when you have significant treatment.

It will offer you various program starts from the present recovery program. This is one of the programs that are functioned well in removing the fatigue. You will also have the extend program that will functioned well for the entire need of the body. It will give you a wide range of body treatments; this will surely provide you greater body function and advantages as well. If you want some light massage and simple service, the use of relax program will be a good choice. It is a good massage chair because you will be supported by a soft 3D technology instead.

Full Body 161

Another beneficial massage chair that you should consider is the presence of Full Body 161. It brings a lot of function including massage for all sides. It can covers up the shoulder area, neck area, hips, thigh and also the waist area. Well, you will feel that all your body are massaged properly. There are so many method of massage that has the same with human massage feel.

The presence of PTO sensor will also give you a lot of advantages in adjusting the position of shoulder. It is available for the people with various type of body size and body form.



Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews

The popularity of message chair is getting bigger and bigger by the time. Providing more ease, effectiveness, and efficiency as well, many people prefer to use this kind of chair at home rather than going out to visit masseuses. Further, if you are interested and about to buy one, there is a highly recommended product that you really need to consider. It is a zero gravity massage chair, a massage chair that adopts the zero gravity position principle so perfectly. And by choosing the best zero gravity massage chair, you will be able to do your own treatment at home and do the treatment on your own.

Advantages of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Before talking further about the advantages of it, it is better for us to know what zero gravity message chair actually is. From the name, we already can see that this tool is definitely not an ordinary massage chair. But this is a massage chair that adopting the zero gravity position principle perfectly. At first, this kind of position was developed by NASA to in to be applied in the seats of their space shuttle. It is because with this seating position, the astronauts will be able to relieve their spine stress more effectively during the take-off. But, by the time is going, this principle is also applied in massage chair to result more efficient and effective treatment.

Then, what are the benefits that offered by this kind of chair?

Firstly, by using this it, you will be able to reduce the pressure on your spine. It is because zero gravity position that is able to reduce the gravity pressure of the vertebrate and spine in an effective way.

Secondly, this chair is also able to boost the body relaxation, especially for the next and back. It because when the pressure around the next and back is reduced, you will feel the strong relax sensation around these parts and also the whole aspect of your body as well.

And the last benefit is that you will get your lung function in increased by using it since it can fully expand the long to oxygenate more blood efficiently.

Top 3 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-4000 Black-Beige

If you find your interest toward this kind of chair is getting bigger after reading the explanation above, here are some reviews of popular zero gravity massage chairs in the market. The first product on the line is Osaki OS-4000 Black-Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu that is manufactured by Osaki. This is a product with full function chair that will provide you shoulder-and-neck air massage, air hip massage, vibration and air arm message, and the heat therapy that specialized for back lumber area.
Having the dimension 47×32.5 inches and 302 pounds of shipping weight, this massage chair is completed with so many features in order to give a comfy relaxing massage.
They are 18 auto programs, zero gravity technology, 6 techniques of massage, complete massage that specialized for the upper body, and more. Moreover, if you are interested with this functionally modern massage chair, you can take it home by paying $2.895.

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity

The second option goes to a product that still comes from Osaki called Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair. This is the one that also considered as the finest massage chair in its line. With 100% authentic guarantee from the manufacturer, you can get this massage chair as an open box product. So, you may have to deal with minor scrapes or scuffs.

Further, as one of Osaki’s best-selling products, this massage chair has completed with so many advance features. Some of them are air arm massage with OS-3000 Plus technology, six auto program, automatic and manual massage for upper body five speed-level, air massage that specialized for neck and shoulder, back heat therapy, and more. More interestingly, we can also find a set of movable massage robot which has intelligent S-track technology. And if you want to own it, you only need to pay $1.795 for the seat and all of the function inside it.

Human Touch Zero Gravity

For the last one in line, we have Human Touch Zero Gravity the Perfect Chair that manufactured by HUMAN TOUCH. Tagged with the price of $1.999, this product has 90 pounds of shipping weight. Featured with body frame from steel, legs of walnut wood, and black upholstery with vinyl as materials, the appearance of this massage chair looks so stunning.

Moreover, to support its functionality, the company has installed several advance features such as wide space of leg rest, easy egress and ingress, body frame with Orthonomic™ technology, and more. Finally, that’s all of the reviews, hopefully it can be your beneficial guidance in choosing your best zero gravity massage chair. Thank you.


Best Massage Seat Cushion Reviews

A massage chair can be the perfect choice to release the stress and detention over the body after a long day of work. But, unfortunately, not all people are able to afford it since sometimes it is offered in quite expensive price. And if you are one of them, don’t worry, because there’s an alternative of this product that offers rather similar function but has a cheaper price. It is called massage seat cushion. With smaller shape and compact design, this product offers more flexibility to be carried everywhere. Therefore, by choosing the best massage seat cushion, you will be able to feel the ultimate sensation of massage in wherever and whenever you want.

The Advantages of Choosing Massage Sear Cushion

Massage seat cushion is a pad with massaging function that can be placed in so many places such as chair, sofa, car, and bench. With this kind of flexibility, a lot of people prefer to choose this product than others in the market. Further, featured with more compact and smaller design, this machine provides us more flexibility that covered in an elegance appearance as. Besides this amazing design, this cushion also offers so many features that provide an authentic sensation of massage in it. Moreover, all of these features will make such a big contribution for the other benefits as stated below.

The first benefit of this cushion is obviously comes to its price. Since it has a smaller size than other massaging machine, the price of it also becomes relatively smaller too. The other reason is on its ergonomic design. This design is combined with memory foam materials to create a proper posture. So, it will be lot easier for this product to decrease your stress and strain effectively.

Then, this machine is also completed with built-in massage and sometimes has a heat options. Here, the massage will help your muscle to refresh again, while the heat options it has are perfect to treat its soreness and tightness. With this combination, you are definitely going to feel relax after the treatment ends.

Top 3 Best Massage Seat Cushions

Five Star FS8812

Obviously, there will be so many massage seat cushion offered in the market. So choosing the one that just fits to us is not an easy job. But, in order to help you to deal with this problem, here are some reviews of the popular product that have high number of selling. The first one is an elegant cushion that tagged with price around $59.99 called Five Star FS8812 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with 17.7x14x5.5 inch dimension and 4.6 shipping weight. Featured with such a nice simple design, this vibration massager has many functional features that will definitely provide you a great deal of massaging sensation.

One of them is 10 motor vibrations that work for the back, thighs, and neck by soothing heat in lower area of the back. Moreover, you can also find 3-speed level of massage, 4 programs of massage, and an on/off independent heat button, car adapter, and many more.

Zyllion ZMA-14-BK

Then, there is a product that produced by Zyllion, Inc. called Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Message Cushion in the second place. This is a massage pad that has dual motor vibration on the hip, providing a better metabolism and maximum comfort for the user. Featured with the dimension of 30×16.5×7.9 inches and 15.6 pounds of shipping weight, this kind of cushion is able to be used in so many places such as home and office.

Further, to support its function, this product is also completed with so many features. They are unique nodes of up down motion for Shiatsu massage with 4 adjustable moves for the area of neck, 3 vibration level of massage, impressive customizability, Auto Shut–off in 4 minutes, and many more. More interestingly, by using this product, you will also feel the real-human hand sensation of rolling message and deep kneading on your upper back, lower back, you’re your neck as well. Therefore, if you are interested to this product, you can afford it by paying around $199.95.

Wagan IN9438

The last, we’re going to talk about Wagan IN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion. This is a product that has a 1.5x18x21 inches dimension and 1.45 pounds of shipping weight. Upholstered by polyester and soft velour, this heated cushion appears with such an elegant and luxurious look. Moreover, in order to compete with the similar product in the market, the company has given this heater massage pad with several functional features such as heating with 114° F maximum temperature, universal fits to many cars, 0.5 inch lumbar support thickness, and more.

Moreover, with all the features above, buyers only need to pay $32.72 to afford this heated massage cushion. That’s the end of the review. Hopefully it will be beneficial as a reference for you in buying heated massage cushion.

Best Massage Pillow Cushion Reviews

Message pillow cushion is a perfect choice for you who like to use massaging machine but have no large enough space for a big massage chair. Moreover, having a simple design makes it able to be carried whenever and wherever you want.

If you are looking for a modern massaging machine that simple, flexible, affordable, and easy to use, then a massage pillow cushion can be the perfect choice. This is a massaging machine that comes in form of pillow. With this kind of form, it is easy for this machine to be carried out everywhere. As a result, you will be able to feel the relaxing sensation of an authentic massage everywhere, no matter when you’re in home, in the car, or on the couch. Further, offered in so many kinds of price, style, and feature, it will expand the buyer’s choice to choose the best massage pillow cushion that just perfectly meets their needs.

Advantages of Massage Pillow Cushion

Talking about advantages, we will find many of it inside this modern cushion. The first and the most important is that you can save more money by buying it. As we all know, with the smaller size compared to other ordinary massage machine, automatically it takes lesser materials than others do. As a result, it will cut the price of significantly so it can come affordably. Other than that, this smaller size also makes it able to be easily stored and used everywhere. So, you will be able to do the massage whenever and wherever you want in every kind of circumstances.

Second advantage comes to its effectiveness to do a treatment in the area of neck and upper shoulder. These two are the strategic areas that easily get more stress and pain, especially for you who spend your whole day sitting in front of the computer in the office. But, by using the massage pillow cushion, you will be able to easily reduce this stress by giving a massage right into the spot while you’re sleeping. Moreover, based on the report, massage treatment in those areas is considered as the best way to cure the pain not only for those certain points, but also for the full parts of the body holistically.

Top 3 Best Massage Pillow Cushions

Zyllion ZMA-13-BK

Talking about Pillow Cushion product, there will be so many kinds of it in the market. And in order to give you a reference toward this simply useful tool, here are the three that considered as the people’s favorite choice which have a high number of selling. And now, let’s begin the list with a great product that manufactured by Zyllion, Inc. called Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu Massage Pillow.

If you’re too busy to go to masseuse or spa, this massage pillow can be the best choice. With 13×2.4×9.5 inches of dimension and 4.3 pounds of shipping weight, this product will be easily moved and carried. Further, tagged with a price of $37.95, you can find a super slim body and such advance features in it. something like heating function, 4 deep-kneading of Shiatsu nodes that help you relieve your muscle thickness, ergonomic and compact design, adjustable strap, and others will be easily find in it.

HoMedics SP-100H

Then, we have HoMedics SP-100H Vibration Massage Pillow on the list. If you are looking for a pillow with 3D vibration and Shiatsu massage function. With the 3D technology here, it will be able to deliver the circular kneading and outward and inward motion to create the authentic experience of massage. Detailed with 13.8×5.1×10.4 inches dimension and has 4.9 pounds of shipping weight, this Homedics product is easy to be carried everywhere.

Further, to own more market share, the company has decided to give this modern cushion with several functional features. They are advance 3D technology, invigorating vibration to lose the tightness of the muscle, heat shooter that is beneficial for the tired muscle, and more. By the presence of these features, you will be able to get the maximum comfort during the stress-releasing process. Therefore, if you think this product meets you needs perfectly, just don’t waste your time and grab it with the price of $46.10.

Zyllion ZMA-20

Lastly, there is a product by Zyllion, Inc. called Zyllion ZMA-20 Luxury Shiatsu V-Spring Massage Pillow with Heat. This portable massage pillow has a standard dimension of 13.5x7x13.5 inches and 4.5 pounds of shipping weight.

With the price of $59.95, you can find several functional features in it to provide comfort and relaxing sensation for the user such as 3D pyramid front, makes it appears nicely and perfect for the lumbar support, premium upholstery with leatherette, advance suspension with V-spring technology, elegant styling, protection device for overheating, and others. And more interestingly, the company also covers this massage pillow with one-year warranty. Finally, that’s all of the reviews, hope you enjoy and stay healthy with the massage pillow cushion.