Best Lawn Mower Reviews and Buying Guide

Keeping the beauty of the house is not only about treating the one interior decoration. Exterior area is another thing which is important as well. Exterior will be the first sight of the visitors that are visiting your home. That is why you need to treat them well. When your outdoor area is beautiful, your home guests will also feel comfortable to stay inside. One of the parts of outdoor area that need a proper treatment is the lawn. Most of the lawns are placed at the backyard; however some are placing the lawn in the front face of the house. A proper best lawn mower is needed to make it neater.

So, how to choose the right lawn mower for your needs? Well, as you know, lawn mower is an additional device that will make you easier in making your lawn is neater than never before. This kind of tool is much more practical than just a manual way of treating the grass. We know that lawn grow pretty fast. Once you let the lawn stay for one or two week, the grass will be higher than you ever expect. That is why a proper lawn mower is really needed. It can make the outside area of the living place is stay neat.

Types of Lawn Mower and Benefits

Before purchasing the right lawn mower for your weekly use, you have to consider types of lawn mower that should be bought. There are couples of types that are needed to be considered. All of them are different and are having their own benefits.

Electric Lawn Mowers is well known as one of the most practical and time efficient device for lawn maintenance. You will not need any fuel to turn it ion. Just charge it up and let the machine work. If you want less noisy sound for your middle sized lawn, this is the best choice.

Gas Lawn Mower is another mechanical mower that is optional. However it is good for you who own large sized lawn. It produces great power and a very long cutting time. Once the fuel is empty, you can continue by refill it off.

Zero Turn Mower is a mower that is only need a single sweep to cut of the grass with a super fine quality. It makes you just need to cut an area once without turn.

Reel Lawn Mower is best choice for a small sized lawn because it is powered by yourself; you have to push it to make it work.

If we can cut off the grass by just using our hand, why do we need a lawn mower? Well, you need to know some benefit lawn mower then.

– It will enhance the health and the growth of the grass. As the effect, your lawn is more beautiful.

– The use of Mower will keep the lawn is good by treating the grass clippings.

– It is very time saving and energy saving as well.

– It creates a fun time of lawn treatment; you will feel no bored at all.

After you know some types and benefit of lawn mower, you should now have a will to own one of them, is not it? Before you are going to the market, you can decide what brand and what type to choose. Remember that different brand and different type will have different price as well.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Lawn Mower

There are some things that are needed to consider selecting a best lawn mower. The first consideration that you should make is about the size of your lawn, is I large enough, medium or just a small one? The small lawn mower is good to be completed by using reel mower. Although it is manual and just using your energy, it will not be a problem because the area of cutting is so small.

You can consider selecting electrical mower when the size is medium and gas based if your lawn is big enough. The special features that are contained are also needed to consider, does it has double battery, mulching features and so on. The type and the way to maintenance engine are also important. Do not choose a cheap mower with a bad engine quality. The last thing you need to consider is about the engine warranty.

Top Best Lawn Mowers

GreenWorks 25022

To give you a little bit clearance about some top selling products, here is all about GreenWorks 25022. This is a corded lawn mower which has a very powerful 12 Amp motors. This mower is produced to afford you in cutting the tough grass in the lawn. The whole body is really strong because it has 20 inch cutting deck inside. It makes you need less time of lawn treatment. It has 3 in one grass clippings features and 7 different height adjustment positions.

It adds comfort for the owner in treating their lawn to be better than never before. You will not need to be busy of facing the tough grass because it already completed by using the 10 inch rear wheels. It will make your movements are easier. For the front wheels, it will only have 7 inches of size.


Green Works 25302

It is always attractive when you have corded lawn mower because it will provide better power for your lawn mower. After we consider about the corded one, how about discussing more about the twin engine lawn mower? Well, here it is Green Works 25302, one of the most recommended mowers for a large yard. This mower has special features like cordless option, it also supported by using 2 separated batteries inside. It will offer you to charge the other one while you are using the full one.

The mower is completed by using G-MAX battery technology. This kind of technology will offer you 40V power. It also has 20 inch sized of cutting deck which will give you a lot of balance in mower acceleration. It is good for you who want fast cutting grass for a middle sized lawn. More than that, the mower is also fulfilled by using dual blades. This kind of blades offers greater cut quality for you.

Sun Joe MJ401E

Special features of lawn mower are really hunted by its consumers. One feature that is dreamed by most of the home occupants is the presence of grass catcher. It is good because it will allow you to clean up the lawn without leaving too much residue in the areas. Sun Joe MJ401E can be the best option for you.

It is one type of mower that is fulfilled by a powerful 12 Amp electric machine that work quick and efficient is doing its job. The shape is not so attractive; however it has a special three position of height adjustment. The mower is also easily to start because it has no messy oil and gasoline instead. With all of its benefits, you will also have less storage space because this machine is really easy to be folded up.


Poulan Pro PR500N21SH

Sometimes we are having difficulties in cutting the lawn areas which is not as flat as the common lawn. We have to move the mower here and there so it does not be able to cut the grass properly. One proper solution is to use large sized rear wheel mower to make it more balanced. It is Poulan Pro PR500N21SH, a mower which is provided with high wheel option.

This mower will offer a powerful cut with its 21 inches effective cutting range. The mower is completed with its 4 different quick adjuster inside. It will give you opportunities to get 5 different mower positions easily. With the presence of large sized wheel, it is easier for you to afford non flat lawn areas. It is also great to work with a tough grass condition. You can feel that this mower is a best partner for your lawn treatment works.

Husqvarna 5521P

Now, it is time for you to know about one of the most recommended gas powered lawn mower. Well, it is all about Husqvarna 5521P. It is a lawn mower that has a very sporty design. The appearance looks stronger because it is supported by using large sized rear wheel. It will afford the balance of the mower in some different condition.

The mower is also completed with the 3 in 1 cutting options such as mulch, rear bag and side discharge. The cutting width is also pretty impressive, it reach 21 inch of width so you can clean up your lawn in a very short time. This powerful mower is also supported with 2 year warranty to keep you comfortable in using the mower.


Best Zero Turn Mower on The Market Reviews

Lawn is one of the areas which are also belonging as the exterior home beauty. Treating the lawn properly is the same with treating the exterior area of a house. In the lawn, we can have a lot of elements such as plants, trees or fences. However one important thing that needs to be treated continuously is the grass. Every lawn needs a proper mower to apply. Nowadays, you can use best zero turn mower so you will have not many time to cut off these grass. All the lawn size can be afforded well using this kind of mower.

So what is the difference of zero turn mower with the other mower? Well, as its name, the mower has a special features, design and engine that will have no chances of turn. It is possible because the engine is having two levers in the steering wheel. This item will control the wheel motors in the back of wheel. When it is turn on a dime, the grass will be cut of neatly and efficiently. It will surely keep up your time and your power to treat the lawn. If you are someone with limited time of home treatment, this mower is very good for you.

Advantages of Zero Turn Mower

As one of the mower with special ability, zero turn mower is having some advantage, they are:

– Shorter Mowing Time, it happens because you just need to cut this yard once. You can use your time for another home treatment.

– Less and Efficient Fuel, you will know more needed to refill the fuel or recharge the battery because the mowing is over before these source of energy is over.

– Long Lasting, when the machine work less hard and less time, it means that the elements of engine will be less used. It will give you long lasting machine for sure.

Top 3 Best Best Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 7000

It will much be better if we are talking about some attractive product to consider. The very first product to be reviewed is Husqvarna 7000. It is one of the zero turn mowers that have a very powerful engine. The power is up to 26 horsepower. This power is really reasonable because this mower is applying V-Twin engine type. It makes the mower work two times harder and faster than any other type of mower. The cutting deck size is also amazing because it is up to 54 inch.

All the designs are made to be impressive, with the support of electric clutch of features; the blade engagement will work easier. You can also have smooth cutting and ride because this mower is provided with dual hydro gear EZT system for its transmission. One luckier element that you will get is the presence of ant scalp rollers in the mower.

Poulan Pro P54ZX

It seems not fair to discuss only a single product from a brand. You also need to check about Poulan Pro P54ZX. It is a kind of mower which is supported with a very tough appearance. Basically it is not only about the appearance, the design and the power of the machine is also great as well. The machine is capable to provide powerful work up to 24 horsepower. It might be revealed because the machine is using V-Twin pro engine to support its overall performance.

For adding the greater engine work, Poulan is applying EZT transmission system to its engine and blade work. The use of 3.5 gallon fuel tank is also making the machine capable in doing its job for a large sized lawn area. One more impressive thing that might attract you to buy this engine is the presence of electric clutch features instead.

Husqvarna MZ61

Considering about using the zero turn mowers is a brilliant idea. From the price, the zero mowers are really higher than the common one. However it will cut all of your costs including the maintenance cost, fuel costs, and many more. One product which is still considered to be bought by most consumers is Husqvarna MZ61.

This mower is really impressive with its 61 inch of size. The overall strength that can be produced is around 27 horsepower. To gain better run, the engine is applying Hydrostatic gear transmission system. It also powered by using pedal assisted feature to make the cutting deck lift move more appropriately.


Best Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

How large is your lawn size at home? If your lawn size is not so large, you must be used the manual pushed mower, is not it? However when the size of the lawn is too large, you can consider in using best riding lawn mower instead of push mower. Push mower is really cheaper than the riding version; however you will need additional energy and efforts to carry them around the lawn. It is different when you are using the riding mower. All you need to do is to sit there and enjoying your time of cutting the grass on the lawn.

What is Riding Lawn Mower?

It is a kind of mower that allows the user to drive it from the engine itself. It is like riding a small car which can cut the grass around. People mostly use this kind of mower to fasten their work. Another idea is to make the cutting time is not so bored and too tired. All you need to do is to sit and operate it properly. You can choose riding lawn mower if you feel that your lawn is so large. It will make you easier in maintaining. It also possess a lot of benefits that make the mower is more valuable than any other type of mower that are available.

Advantage of Riding Lawn Mower

Most of people are confusing about the benefit of riding lawn mower. Basically it is easy to conclude. Since the mower is ride by its user, you will know more need to push your heavy mower. It will make you does not so tired.

The second one, you will have zero turn radiuses in using this kind of mower. You can even cut tough grass neatly in the first pass. The use of riding mower is also very efficient because it has larger tank fuel that make you does not need to refill it up.

Top 3 Best Riding Lawn Mowers

Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV

Have you ever heard about Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV? It is a kind of common lawn mower which is supported by using a lot of features and elements. This is a good choice because the mower is capable to be used for a middle sized lawn. It is also work properly to make your terrain neater and look impressive. The engine is powered by using special Troy Bilt Engine. It has 4.25 MPH of maximum speed. To operate this mower, you can maximize the use of its 6 speed transmission system.

The cutting deck is also never ignored because it has 30 inch of size. It makes the grass are cut well with its wide sized deck. The turning radiuses is 18 inches and make you cut the grass faster than never before. It has enough wheel size to afford your movement around the lawn for sure. The front is 13×5 inch and the rear is 16×6.5 inch of size.

Husqvarna YTH22V46

As we know, most of the lawn mower with zero turn possibilities is designed without style. However you will think differently with this kind of lawn mower. It has a powerful style that will amaze you. You can see on the design of Husqvarna YTH22V46. This is a masculine lawn mower which is powered by pedal yard tractor. This kind of mower is having 46 inch of cutting range that makes you possible in cut the grass pretty fast.

A lot of features are also available; some of them are the presence of Cruise control. It is one of the important features that might gain better function and riding experience for you. Besides that, the presence of powerful engine is up to 22 horsepower. It is possible because the mower applies Intel V Twin engine options.

Poulan Pro PB185A42

Another spacious product of riding mower that you can choose is Poulan Pro PB185A42. This mower is little bit larger than any other mower that is available in the market. The design is also more ergonomic and comfortable. This mower offers a powerful engine which can produce 18.5 horsepower of strength. The strength can be better because it has 42 inch cutting deck which can amaze you.

The other offer is placed in the presence of 16 inch turn radiuses that are not capable to be found in the other riding mower. All the presence of 20 inches rear wheel and 15 inches front wheel will surely make your movement is more comfortable.


Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

What are up readers, are you in the progress of choosing the appropriate mower for your lawn? Well, if you said so, it means that you need to consider about best electric lawn mower. Electric mower is a kind of modern mower that work fine as well as the gas based mower or fuel based one. Only, it has some benefits that you cannot find in the other type of mower. It is good idea to consider in placing your choice on electric mower. Before that, you have to check several products and even the pros cons about the electric mower itself.

Many people are still too worried about choosing electric lawn mower as their partner in lawn treatment. Most of them are not choosing this mower version because they are never use it before. Basically it is a good product. By using electric based mower, you will only need to recharge it up when you need it. It does not consume any gas or fuel so you do not need to buy them too far away. Just plug the battery to your electrical source and you are ready to cut off the grass. It is very practical and useful for you.

Advantage of Electric Lawn Mower

As you know, electric lawn mower provides a lot of benefits to its entire user. The first benefits are about the presence of effectiveness. You can have nearly source of power to refill. Electric mower is also lighter and has less noise like the other type of mower. We know those gas based mowers are very noisy so it is commonly disturb your neighbor. Using the electrical mower, you will have your lawn neat and cleaned in silence. It is a good option also for you who have babies. Besides that, the treatment of this kind of mower is also easier.

Top 3 Best Electric Lawn Mower

Black & Decker SPCM1936

Having a cordless mower like Black & Decker SPCM1936 is such a great experience for you. The cordless mower is easier to operate. It is also more practical and less complicated to use. This mower is supported by using removable battery. It is one of the features that will make your charging session is more comfortable. You just need to take off the battery to the nearest power source for charging.

This mower is fulfilled by using special blades that cut ½ of acre home site. It also leaves no mess and hassles. The machine is supplied by its 36 volt battery. All the features such as the presence of 3 in 1 mulch are also helpful. It give you bag or rear discharge option by just pushing a single button. It is a good mower with variable speed system. It will be adjustable to your mowing pace comforts.


If you really have a strong will to pick an electric lawn mower, you will also need to consider some powerful engine like WORX WG788. This mower is also supported by using removable battery as most of the electrical mower. The removable battery is pretty good because it can support the work of intell Cut technology.

As one of the cordless lawn mower, this machine is really impressive. It has better torque when you face tough grass instead. To makes all the grass in the lawn are treated well without any exception. Once you fully charge the battery, you will have an hour of use. It is the same with 18500 square feet of usage. With this kind of width, you will be able to cut off medium sized lawn properly. The machine is also adjustable, especially for its mowing height. You can move it from 1.5 top 3.5 inches to fit the best cutting position.

GreenWorks 25112

In completing product comparison and better choices, you can select GreenWorks 25112 as the other consideration. This is a mower which is equipped by the presence of 10 inch rear wheel and 7 inch front wheel size. This kind of wheel size is appropriate to be used for any surface of the lawn. It is also powerful to treat tough grass as well.

The machine and its cutting blade are also durable. With its 21 inch of cutting deck range, you can do your job quicker. It will make the fuel use is more efficient. All the features for the mower are also carried on its 3 in 1 special features includes mulching, clippings, and side discharge.


Best Push Mower Reviews

Since the invention of mechanical lawn mower, many people are leaving the function of best push mower. Actually this kind of mower is always popular to be used couple decades ago. Most of people are using this kind of mower not only for mowing needs. They are also using this tool for having little bit exercise. However some benefit of electric and gasoline based mower are attracting most of the people. The practical and less energy that are needed make they are replacing their old mower with the mechanical one. But does it worth? Well, here we will talk about this kind of phenomena.

The difference between mechanical and push mower is really clear. The reel mower or well known as the manually push mower is more traditional because it has a very simple construction. It only has tires or wheels and special designed blade. The mower will cut of the blade when it is rolled up. Many people are still using this item because they are hard to adapt it the electrical mower. There are some benefits of push mower that are not capable to be replaced by using the mechanical version of lawn mower. Then, what are the benefits? You can see them below.

Benefits of Push Mower for Lawn Treatment

– The price of push mower is cheaper than any type of mechanical mower.

– It consumes your energy, but it is efficient for your home treatment budget output.

– Push Mower is environmental friendly, it does not produce any emission

– It offers less maintenance, even there is some maintenance, and they are much simpler than any maintenance on the gas mower or electric mower.

– The mower does not produce noisy sound as the gas based mower produce. It is neighbor friendly.

– Push mower is your best partner for doing some outdoor exercise once a week.

Top 3 Best Push Mowers

American Lawn Mower 1204-14

So, now you have some thought about what push mower can do. There are some things that you will not be able to get when you are using electrical or gas based mower.

One of the greatest products for push mower that you can buy is American Lawn Mower 1204-14. This is a kind of mower which designed very simple. This mower is made to be deluxe. It is good to be used for treating the turf grasses. The mower is very tough with its alloy construction; it also can be assembly as you wish.

As one of the best push mower, you can get this large sized 8.5 high diameter impact. The wheel is made with polymer and offers 3 spiders with a single blade reel. To use the mower, you can freely adjust the roller as you wish. This kind of system will make your work lighter and easier as well as using the machine based mower.

Great States 415-16

Next candidate of appropriate push mower to get is Great States 415-16. This is a kind of lawn mower which is supported by using T style handle. The handle provide high convenience for the user both adult and even kids. It can be controlled even use a small energy. The mower is having heat treated blades that is capable to cut off the grass with great result. The grass is not only neat; it can also be mulched well as you wish.

The cutting range of this mower is about 16 inch. It happens because it has 10 inch ball bearing wheels instead. To make the mower is comfortable to use, you can adjust this mower from half inch to 2 ¾ inch of height. It will be helpful to create specific grass height as you want. The materials are coated well so it is far away from rust and some other damage.

Great States 204-14

It seems not completed before you look at the features of Great States 204-14. This kind of push mower is having a lot of benefits and features to use. The first feature that will amaze you is the presence of ally steel frame.

It also supported with the bed knife blade that work well for any type of grass to cut. The height adjustment is also helpful because it can be designed from ½ inch to 1 ½ inch. It is working well also for its 3 section roller use.




Best Reel Mower for Efficient Weekly Use Reviews

It is so disappointing to find the grasses of the lawn are getting higher and tough every week. This condition makes the lawn looks so messy and seems like untreated well. Applying special treatment for the lawn can be done in various ways. You can mulch it, mow it or just complete it with some other type of outdoor decorative elements. Selecting the best reel mower is one of the idea that you can apply or such small sized lawn. Reel mower is one which is very effective because it does not consume any fuel or electrical source. All you need is to operate it using your own muscles.

There are a lot of advantages that you will also get from reel mower. Before you come to that point, you have to know what reel mower is exactly? As you know, reel mower is considered as the oldest mower that re still used in this daily time. It has been around for many years and even many decades. Only, now the presences of this mower are replaced with the gas powered or electrical engine mower. These types of mower are hunted because they are more practical; however they are not environmental friendly.

Advantage of Reel Mower

Being environmental friendly is one of the spacious advantages from reel mower. It will not produce any gas emissions or residue to the air near the lawn. It will also not need to be refill or recharged. All the movements of this mower are purely supported by using your own movement.

Many people love this mower because it does not produce noisy sound as the sound that is produced by the engine mower. To make you easier in handling and operating, reel mower is also using light materials. One important advantage that you should note is all about its affordable price.

Top 3 Best Reel Mower

Fiskars Staysharp Max

The competition between mower manufacturers and the others are often revealing some attractive mower product to the market. Almost all of them are having special features, model and even pricing. Fiskars Staysharp Max is one of your choices that can be considered to be the best one. It has 18 inch of cutting range that can make you cut the grass of the lawn quicker than never before. This mower is also has 60% of easier push than the other type of mower.

This kind of technology provides a very comfortable handling and less strength in pushing the mower forward. The technology is called as patent-pending Inertia Drive. This kind of features can you find in most of the newest Fiskars product. Once you use this one, you will be able to have instant wheel design that makes it closer to side edging. This mower can be used to cut all the grass types.

Remington RM3100

If the products of Fiskars are mostly use small wheel at the front, Remington RM3100 is using the opposite method. It adds larger wheel at the front area of the mower. This kind of impression will make this 18 inch mower has medium to heavy duty of grass cutting capability. You will have a special working mechanism because this mower is made to be environmentally friendly. It has the working result as the gas based mower, however it does not need any drop of gasoline at all.

As one of the finest reel mower, you will have 5 different adjustable modes of the blades. These blades are adding ease in cutting the lawn. Some other features of RM3100 that you will get are the presence of dual lever height adjustment. Beside that the use of 2 in 1 mulching item will also give you have more clippings during the cutting session.

American 1705-16

To have the simplest reel mower for your daily use, you can appropriately look and knowing the specification of American 1705-16. This is a kind of mower which has a medium size. Because of its medium size, it will only have 16 inch of cutting range.

The handle is also made to be T model. It applies better ergonomically handling for the user, especially when they are facing dynamic surface of the lawn. It has highly adjustable height adjustment that will give you better cutting experience. The wheel is 10 inch composite with its radial type. It is appropriate for rough lawn and tough grass surface.