Best Laser Level Reviews and Buying Guide

Laser level is versatile tool to create precise line through laser beam. Engineering and construction field uses this kind of technology to create new product or building. Based on historical record, laser level tool emerged in 1970s and the concept of this utilization had through several decades ago. Builders often incorporate laser level in more than two beams. To make strong foundation, building needs to hold at stable position. Without laser level, builders will find difficulty to determine the level of ground. Each of soil have unique characteristic. One mistake in calculation of soil optimum layer will affect the next construction.

Besides for foundation, laser level is commonly used to keep the wall at straight position vertically and horizontally. Today, laser level is not exclusive for big company or construction. Therefore, homeowner can use it to do domestic task. In trust laser level reviews, you will find several products that suitable for home application. Carpenter or engineer takes advantage of compact laser level to create more accurate result on his work.

Top Laser Level Reviews

Dewalt DW088K

One of recommended products of laser level is Dewalt DW088K. For residential construction, this product comes in handy. Builder uses this laser level to create vertical and horizontal lines with utmost accuracy. The precision level of this product is 1/8 inch. In such number, you hardly see any space between one line and others. Dewalt DW088K has magnetic pivoting technology to produce laser beam. It is waterproof and debris resistant, so it is very useful for installing wall and floor. Another good laser level is Bosch GTL2. It is small device to create the right angle. Exact 90-degree angle is crucial in construction. The size is simple and compact. You only need to press button and the device will exhaust two lines perpendicularly. If you want another product, Black & Decker BDL170 is available to support domestic project. It uses AAA battery as power source, so it is very easy to bring anywhere.

Best Rotary Laser level Reviews

Maybe the old days we often found that most of the people who work in construction field were still using traditional tools to finish their job in leveling. But now, it is no longer the truth. Many high-technology tools have arrived in this field of work. And one of these examples is a tool called rotary laser level. With this kind of equipment, the constructor will find their job becomes easier than ever. But, however, it is not easy to choose the best rotary laser level. There are so many things that should be considered in order to get the right product that just right for us.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Rotary Laser Level

Rotary laser is a kind of leveling tool that has relatively similar principle with the other one called line laser level. But, the differences between two of them come to the lines that produced by both devices. In rotary laser level, the line produced can be rotated 360° around, while line laser can’t. With this extra function, automatically there are so many things that can be done easily by using this device, such as laying pipes, grading roads, laying foundation, and more. Therefore, in order to get the best rotary laser level, you should pay more attention to the things below.

First, make sure that you choose the one with auto-leveling features. With this features, you can just set the level, put it on a tripod, push the button, and let it do the rest of its job by itself while you start working on the other stuff.

Second, also consider the ‘out of level-alert’ feature. This feature will be beneficial especially when you work away from the device, so you will notice it when it runs out of level. Lastly, you should also decide the range of the rotary laser level that you are going to buy. Mostly, this kind of device has 150 meters radius with 2.6 mm accuracy in 30 meters. Therefore, if your work field includes larger radius, consider to buy a product with a larger range.

Top 3 Best Rotary Laser Levels

Johnson 99006K

There are so many rotary laser levels in the market, but these three products considered as the superiors. Completed with sophisticated features and competitive price, there are no wonder if these products create high number of selling. So, if you are about to buy a leveling tool, it is better for you to put them at the top of the options.

The first product comes to Johnson Level Tool 99006K Self Leveling Rotary Laser with price around $330.59. The leveling tool has 12.2X12.2X55.8 inches dimension with 18 pounds weight.
More importantly, this device also completed with horizontal plane self-leveling feature, so, after you set it, this Johnson 99006K can be used automatically while you’re doing something else. Moreover, other features such as manual leveling, audible and visual out of level alert, 600. 400, and 200 RPM laser rotation, and locking mechanism that protects inner pendulum are perfectly installed in this device.

Dewalt DW074KDT

The second choice comes to Dewalt DW074KDT Rotary Laser Kit. This product is manufactured by one of the well-known laser manufacturer in the world, DEWALT. This rotary level tool has 9 pounds weight, much lighter than the previous product. But, even with a lighter weight, this tool classified as heavy duty leveling tool and ideal for indoor and outdoor work. Completed with tripod and grade rod for construction, this leveling device will be easier to use.

Further, this incredible equipment is also completed with auto-leveling feature that makes it able to work automatically, so the user can finish the job faster. With the horizontal mechanism of self-leveling, you can also set this device lot easier. Moreover, binging $409.99 price tag, this product also completed with other sophisticated features such as weatherproof design with high durability on the exterior and interior, rotary head that is protected, laser detector with digital technology, 600 feet laser range, and also completed with tripod and rod.

Bosch GRL300HVCK

The last product is Bosch GRL300HVCK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser. With the price tag around $698, this product has 7.5X7.1X6.7 inches dimension and 29.6 pounds weight and can create high precision as well as accuracy. Moreover, some features such as the enhancement of beam visibility with full selection, layout beam and 90° plumb, 2 functional handles, self-leveling with electronic system in vertical and horizontal, and many more are installed perfectly inside the device.

Finally, that’s all of the leveling tools that you can chose in order to make your work much easier than before. Hopefully, this information can be useful in helping you to find the best rotary laser leveling tool. Thank you.


Best Line Laser Level Reviews

Line laser level is a new kind of leveling tool which has more accuracy and precision compared to the traditional leveling kit such as water level or plumb bob. With this device, a lot of works, especially in construction field can be done easier.

By the invention of laser level, the use of traditional leveling tools has decreased significantly. It is because a level with laser technology is not only provides ease for the user, but it also results high accuracy and precision. Generally, there are three types of this device, and one of them of line laser level. This is the kind of laser level which is simple with a relatively cheaper price. But, choosing the best line laser level seems not easy for some people. There are so many thoughts that need to be considered before. And to help you in dealing with these problems, here is the review about choosing the right line laser product.

Things to consider in choosing the best line laser level

Line laser level is a kind of level which can produce straight line that connects two one point to another from over the distance of 64 feet or more. With the right product, there are so many things we can do. Some activity such as checking the straightness and squareness of something can be done precisely and more accurate.

Further, some devices also completed with its complementary tools such as tripod and rod. This tools definitely will make the job becomes lot easier and faster. But, before you buy this product, just consider the several things below to get the best line laser level.

First, consider its visibility range and accuracy. With high accuracy, this device will be able to determine the right leveling in a surface.

Second, decide that you will choose the manual of self-leveling. Unlike the manual, the self-leveling device has relatively mare expensive price, but it will make your job easier by doing self-leveling process automatically.

And the last is product’s IP (ingress protection) rating. The first number of IP rating reflects size of the items that can be intrude into the product, and the second one tells the ability of the product in repelling and fighting against moisture. Moreover, as references, here are some products that should be on your line laser level’s top 3-list.

Top Best 3 Line Laser Levels

Black & Decker BDL170

The first product is the Black & Decker BDL170 BullsEye Auto-Leveling Laser. This line laser leveling tool is one of people’s favorite choices that manufactured by a company named Black & Decker. With 4.8X3.5X1.2 inches dimension, this kind of laser level has 13.6 ounces weight with 1 pounds shipping weight. Further, this product that has a manufacturer references code BDL170 is already support a self-leveling feature. With this feature, the user can just set the device, install it in a tripod, place it in a right place, press the button, and it will automatically create the levels we want.

Moreover, to support the functionality of it, the company already gave this device several advance features such as the ability to project vertical and horizontal line, extra protection with rubber over molds, better visibility with back side light, and of course, automatic leveling. And for you who look for this functional device, you can own it by paying around $22.25 including 2-years warranty.

Black & Decker BDL220S

The next big choice goes to Black & Decker BDL220S BullsEye Laser Level. This is the second product of Black & Decker on this list, proving that this company is indeed an expert in manufacturing line laser devices. Bringing a price tag around $13.91, this line laser level tool is considered as the cheaper one compared to the other competes in the market. With 7X2.6X6.5 inches dimension, this device has relatively bigger body than the previous one.

Further, with bigger dimension, this device will have lighter weight about 7.2 ounces. And to attract more buyers, the company has decided to cover this dimension as well as its weight with such a nice compact design. And more importantly, unlike other players in the game, this product also completed with official license. With this license, automatically the safety and the functionality of it can’t be questioned anymore. Moreover, if you want to buy a trustworthy line laser level from a well-known company, this one can be a perfect choice.

Bosch GLL 2

Now, we are arrived in the last product on the list, the one called Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Bosch GLL 2. With the 3.2X2.5X2.6 inches dimension, this line laser tool has 1.65 pounds weight when shipping. Offered in $71.93, this device is also completed with various kinds of feature such as leveling system with smart pendulum technology, operation in one single button, mounted device that is flexible, line modes in both self leveling feature, horizontal and vertical, and many more.

Finally, that’s all of the Information about line laser level. And hopefully this information would be perfect for you and can be so helpful in choosing a line laser level.


Best Bosch Laser Level Reviews

There will be a lot preparation that is needed by the homeowners every time they are creating the home. Maybe it is not a problem if the home is already designed and concerted by the professionals. How if you want to design and make every parts of your home by yourself? Well, you have to know how to do them right. It can only be done if you are having special tools of home building. Besides providing the standard tools, you will also need best Bosch laser level. It is one of very important tools to use that will affect the whole construction and decoration of the home.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Bosch Laser Level

Since you need to place your wall decor in a straight line, building the semi-permanent wall with the straight line, you will need to maximize the use of the laser lever. However, not all the tools can provide a very durable and convenience usage. If you are the homeowner that has a lot of decorating job in your home, you will need to have this best line laser level. This tool is basically the practical version of the old and classic bubble carpenter tools that are mostly used. However it needs some preparation to use, it is also not portable as the laser level.

In selecting the best product of laser level, you can consider some important things. The first consideration that you will need is to think about the price. The price of these tools is ranging from $15 to $400 you can even get the best product with low price if you can. If you want to get better accuracy for less than 30 feet, you will need the 20 foot range lever. It is better if the tool is equipped with a self-leveling mechanism. It formed just like pendulum; however it can be locked off.

Top 3 Best Bosch Laser Levels

Bosch GLM 15

Bosch is a manufacturer which is really often in producing high quality of good products. One of them is Bosch GLM 15. It is such an affordable laser measure that has 50 feet of range. This laser measure is having a very compact design. It can be set and carries easily without needed too much preparation. It has a single button operation which can make you faster in beginning the measurement.

Once the device is turned on, it will run on continuous mode. If you want to hold the measurement, you can just press the button once more time. It is very precise because the presence of accurate laser power. It is accurate up to 1/8 inch. You can enjoy fast and instant measurement from this device as well. With its portable, light and compact design, this tool is really matched your needs for any occasion.

Bosch GCL 25

If you want something which is more functional and advance, you can select Bosch GCL 25. This is a self-leveling device that uses special features. It has 5 point alignment laser system instead. This technology will produce better accuracy for the device for sure. The presence of cross line features is also very helpful to make sure the accuracy of the results.

There will be 4 standard modes that can be chosen. They are easily toggled which come through its 5 point horizontal line. It is also followed with vertical line or cross line modes as well. With the use of two in one laser technology, the device is very appropriate to be used as your handy technology tool to carry. Although the size is very compact, it is still provided with smart pendulum system. Some manual mode is also available to make sure that the highly visible laser points are really working properly.

Bosch GLL 1P

To create better performance of laser leveling, choosing good brand is a key. You can select Bosch GLL 1P as the best series that are ever produced. It has much spacious function that will offer incredible works for you. The first aspect which will attract you is the presence of its projects bright single laser line system.

Bosch said that this technology is functional for easy and versatile use of home building and decoration. It also has easy grip and hand level with its aluminum bars. It is easier for you to have quick and easy leveling at once. To make it more adaptable, there are so many mounting accessories that are given by the company.