Best Juicer Reviews and Buying Guide

Maintaining the health of our body will need some of specific efforts. Keeping health is not about doing sports everyday only; it is also about providing enough nutrition and vitamins for our body. Having juice is one of the perfect ways to have great supply of nutrition and vitamin or our body. By choosing the best juicer, you will be able to produce high quality juice which really keeps the extract of fruit without any additional contaminants. Juicer works differently, every technology that is applied will determine the quality of juice that you will consume. Proper selection of juicer is totally needed.

So, what is juicer actually? Well, it is a kind of machine or tool that is functioned to produce the different form of fruits. It will separate the juice from the place it’s come from. In the other words, we may say that juicer will take the extract of the fruit and vegetables that you want. With the use of this juicer, you will have a very comfortable way of drinking the fruit extract. You do not need to be disturbed with the useless part of the fruits. This machine is also having motor as well as sewing machine that you have.

Types of Juicer

Although a juicer work in the same method, there are some Types of juicer that you need to know. Each of the available type will carry different function and models.
The first model which is very popular to be used by many brands is Centrifugal juicer type. This type mostly used by people in their home. The design will provide you easy way of producing juice. The pros of this model are that it is good for personal use; it can juice anything really fast and does not take a lot of space in your tabletop. The size is really handy and it is good to juice vegetables for you.

Next juicer type that you can use is Centrifugal Ejection type. This is a juicer that is also has some pros such as the great work for large sized vegetables such as carrots and celeries. It is also work well for you who want to have fast juice. It is no need to precut all the ingredients that you want to juice. The presence of pulp catcher is also give you advantage in making large batches juice. It is also recommended for you to try the function of Masticating or slow juicer.

Juicer Benefits

Before we decide best juicer to buy, it is good to know is that any juicer benefit for us? Well, we have to look at wide range of viewpoint then. Most of the people think that juice is the same with consuming fruits as always. Basically it is different. In consuming fruits, we eat anything that is available there including the useless items around. However when we are juicing, we will only consume the useful part of the fruits or vegetables. It is all about the nutrition absorption and body detoxifying. You can also enjoy the liquid version of vegetables here. It gives you less time of consuming, but more nutrition and vitamins for your body.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Juicer

As the smart buyer of juicer, you have to know some type of best juicer that is available in the market. Not only that, knowing the important points of juicer will also give you great consideration when deciding the juicer to buy.

The considerations that you need to make are not so many. All you need to do is to decide how often will you use the juicer? If you just use it rarely, you can pick average quality of juicer which is cheaper. The size is also not need to be as large as the professional juicer. However if you use it often, a great quality and expensive juicer might be a consideration.

Then, the appearance of juicer will also be a consideration. If you use it in home, of course you do not need any good appearance of juicer. However if you use it for counter, you should provide high style of juicer instead.

Considering about the speed of the juicer is also important. If you are someone who are often in hurry, the great speed of juicer is really helpful. However if you often spend your time in kitchen, a slow speed juicer is better because it can produce more effective extract.

Top 5 Best Juicer

Breville BJE820XL

A lot of benefits that we can take from the juicer will also affected by the product of juicer that we use. Not all of the juicer may produce a world class performance. One of the products that are really considerable is Breville BJE820XL. It is a kind of juicer that has a duo dual disc juicer system. This kind of system will also supported by the additional features such as the presence of pure disc.

The function is to ensure waste-free juice for any type of soft fruits and vegetables. Some soft fruits that are commonly juiced are among other the strawberries, blue berries and banana. It is completed with the presence of 5 speed control. You can adjust it based on the amount of juice that you want to make. Besides that, you can also use the presence of its 3 inches feed tube that can afford the entire fruits without cutting.

Omega VRT350

If you are looking for a type of juicer that possess a beautiful looks and appearance, the product of Omega VRT350 might be the best answer. This juicer is also one of the most heavy duty machines that are ever made. It has a powerful machine that is divided on dual stage vertical single auger system. This kind of motor will produce high quality low speed juice for you. As one of the low speed engine, you can use this juicer to afford any large sized fruit and vegetables without losing any nutrition and vitamins that are possessed by the materials that you juice.

This juicer is also having functions to prevent oxidation process from the juice. When you are using this one, you will also have the capability of juicing the wheatgrass as the daily consumption. Uniquely, it has a special auto cleaning system that will provide a very effective use for all the juice lovers.

Breville 800JEXL

Some product consideration might be helpful for you that are choosing the perfect juicer for your day. One of the stuff that is having great quality is Breville 800JEXL. This is a juicer that has a powerful juice extractor system. The design is very exclusive and looks so luxurious. This kind of juicer is also provided with a powerful power up to 1,000 watt. It is also completed with 2 speed control that can run up to 13,000 RPM as its maximum spin and 6,500 RPM as its minimum speed.

The housing is made of die cast steel and has titanium plated cutting disk. Well, it must be very strong for sure. With the specialty of this juicer, it also has circular 3 inch tube that will affordable for both the fruit and vegetable use. There is also a pulp container that will provide a great result for you who want to have different taste of juice.

Omega J8006

If you love to do a slow juice activity, you can consider about Omega J8006. It is a nutrition center juicer. If you want to bring this juicer home, you will be served on two types of juicer; it is on black colored and chrome finished. Beside its beautiful appearance and performance, you can even taste a lot of benefits from its functions.

The benefits are located in its powerful motor. You can use it for any type of fruit and vegetables. The result of the juice is pretty smooth as you wish. The lowest speed of this juicer is 80 RPM, and it run with no foam, clog and even additional heat. This machine does not require high power because it has only 110 volt machine support. There is a features called as dual-stage juicing system. This will allow you to produce great juice quality with quiet operation of usage.

Breville BJS600XL

Next product which is much recommended is Breville BJS600XL. This is a kind of high styled juicer. It can be seen from the overall design and appearance of the juicer itself. It has a powerful motor to produce slow juicer process. This kind of juicer is also categorized as the masticating juicer extracts that will produce maximum nutrition from any type of fruit and vegetables.

The juicer runs pretty smooth and quiet with its 240 watt motor. You can have direction control that wills make anything you juice is dislodged from the juicing screw. This custom juicing is really good for you. One item that is really helpful for you who love to juice is the presence of filter basket that has auto purifying system.


Best Masticating Juicer Reviews

It is a waste just for consuming the common juice that you can get from any area. Although they are made of fruit, the nutrition amount is not as large as best masticating juicer reviews.

Paying attention to the daily food and drinks is one of the efforts that you can use in addition to give better body treatment. All the body elements will be better and healthier once you are consuming spacious food with high tense of nutrients. Although we are already consume food with high nutrients, it does not guarantee that our body will always fit and healthy. One thing which need to be considered is the way our body absorbing the amount of nutrient itself. It can be done by measuring amount of positive elements in the blood. The simpler option is to make sure that you use best masticating juicer for your drinking options.

Why do we need to use masticating juicer? Well, it is a kind of juicer which works efficiently in separating the vitamins and nutrients inside the fruit. It can separate the fiber of the vegetables and fruit properly. It almost has no good thing to waste. Everything are collected and turned into a juice. Of course it will give you chance to consume positive element of fruit and vegetables. You do not need to consume some other residue that will only make you feel so full.

Advantages of Masticating Juicer

As one type of juicer, masticating juicer is turn a lot of advantages for all of its consumers. This kind of juicer will work from 80 to 100 rpm to extract the enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and also add better fiber. As the result, the juice is very valuable. Imagine if you are collecting these positive nutrients by yourself, of course you cannot make it effective.

So using this kind of juicer is such an advantage for you. It will only left small amount of residue. As the result, this juicer is move so slow than just centrifugal juicers. This slow process will make the nutrients separation working better.

Top 3 Best Masticating Juicer

Hurom HU 100

Let’s see some product of masticating juicer that is already proven in the society. As the initial use, you can choose a juicer that provides great function. It is no time and no cost for choosing best brand, style and appearance. Just choose a juicer with world class features and durability. Using Hurom HU 100 might be a powerful idea. This kind of juicer can give you 35% more amount of juice than any other type of juice. It means that the extract of the fruit or vegetables can be extracted well without any of them are wasted.

Although this juicer is categorized as the low juicer, the overall making time is not so long. It is possible because the juicer uses SST or Slow squeezing Technology which is already patented by the manufacturer. This kind of power will give you better amount of vitamin C, A and so many useful enzymes.

Omega NC800 HDS

For you who like a naked juicer, Omega NC800 HDS could be your best choice. This juicer is not only has special minimalist and modern design, the color is also very elegant. These appearance make this juicer seems so tough. As one product from Omega, this juicer possesses a lot of features for the entire consumer. This juicer has a lower speed juicing system instead. This kind of system is very useful for nutrient absorption. When some other juicer is already providing 100 mph of speed, this one is only up to 80 mph of spinning speed.

With all of its dual stage features for masticating extraction, you will feel that the juice is tasty and pretty useful for your body. To complete all the juicing experience, it provides 5 adjustable setting in order to reach the maximum juice results.

Omega J8004

Sometimes we need to choose masticating juicer that is fashionable and are matched well with our kitchen decorative elements. If you are doing so, Omega J8004 might be the best choice for you. It has a very elegant, simple and handy feels so that it make everyone feel so easy to use this juicer.

As one of the single gear juicer, it has a commercial motor that has lower decibel of sound production. It also has dual stage juicing that cam make the fruit and vegetables put out its great taste. You can even clean this juicer easily because every compartment are easily removed and cleaned.



Best Juicers on the Market Reviews

It comes to the dilemmatic moments when we are forcing to choose one best juicers on the market. We know that there is a lot of juicer with world class quality. Some of them are fruit juices and the others are combining between fruit juices and vegetable juices. So, first consideration you need to do is to select what kind of juicer you want to buy. Specifications of the juicer are the keys of having best juicer. You can select some other type of juicer, but just make sure that it has powerful quality, durability and function as well.

Top 4 Best Juicers on the Market

Omega NC900HDC

One juicer that you can consider as one of your option is Omega NC900HDC. This is a special juicer because it is equipped by using special features. The feature is able to give you extra nutrition’s, vitamins and even enzyme on the fruit or vegetable that you juice. It is called as nutrition center juicer. This type of juicer is still belonging as one of the masticating juicer. It means that the juicer needs enough time for extracting the nutrients from the fruit or vegetables that you want to consume.

The low juicing system is using 80 RPM as its constant speed. To turn this juicer on, you will only need 110v of power supply. There is one elements that makes the juice is having high quality. It is the presence of dual stage system that makes the masticating extraction is much better than the other type of juicer. The presence of pulp ejection will also provide extra taste to your juice.

Breville BJE510XL

Are you looking for the luxurious performance juicer? We know that there is some type of juicer that provides highly crafted materials. These materials are functioned well in beautify the juicer for all the type of kitchen. Breville BJE510XL is one of the type that you can consider. It has special appearance of chromatic finish. It makes the juicer is very impressive as well. As the large sized juicer, it applies 900 watt of power.

The whole motors are supported with 5 different speeds which are hard veg, pineapple, and apple, citrus and soft food. Just be careful in choosing the speed because it can affect the taste and the nutrient of your juice. To complete all the juicing process, his engine applies 3 inch circular feed tube that may afford large sized fruit and vegetables. You can even clean the juicer up using the included cleaning brush.

Jack Lalanne’s Extractor

How about bring your juicer into your dinner table? You can make your guests free of having their own juice? Well, Jack Lalanne’s Extractor might be the best choice for you. This is a kind of juicer which provides both function and style. It will still be appear beautiful even you put it in the middle of table. This fruit extractor is fulfilled by using surgical; quality stainless steel blade. This type of blade will make all the juicing processes are running properly. The pitcher size is totally customable so you can adjust it to your needs.

For adding the powerful appearance, it uses transparent glass and juicer materials. It can shows up the juice clearly so the juicy feels can be enjoyed by everyone. Although it has only 2 power speed, switch, the whole output of the juice is really tasteful, smooth and full of nutrients as well.

Hamilton Beach Extractor

Next stuff which needed to be considered is Hamilton Beach Extractor. This is a fruit and vegetables extractor that carries awesome design as well. With its beautiful design and form the juicer is very appropriate to be used as one of your home equipment’s. It has a very big mouth that will let you insert the whole fruit without needed to cut it before. The motor is powered by using 800 watt of electrical power.

All the compartments are designed pretty well so that it impress high sense of aesthetic. Although the compartments are so dirty, you can remove it all and clean them up properly. One impressive fact about this juicer is all about the large sized hole that will cut off your preparation time. You will be able to enjoy your delicious juice as soon as you want. All the combination of these features is attractive and is needed to be enjoyed.

Best Cold Press Juicer Reviews

Most of people are lack of free time so they want to drink fresh juice without any long time of waiting. Since the blender and juicer are invented, it is very possible to realize that off. However, there are some disadvantages of drinking instant juice. The juice that comes from centrifugal juicer has fewer nutrients. It happen because the fast spinning of the juicer will make some heat that might reduce the nutrients. It is good for you to select best cold press juicer. This is a type of juicer that will keep all the nutrients of vegetables and fruits totally.

Best Cold Press Juicer Will Give you A Lot of Vitamins and Detoxifier

The basic function of cold press juicer is pretty impressive. This kind of juicer will break the vegetables and fruit, press them off until all the nutrients comes out into the liquid forms. This is much better because the juicer does not produce any heat. It will keep the nutrients stay inside the juice without having removed. The presence of this machine is very helpful in maintaining the vitamins, enzyme as well as your body needs. However, the time of juicing by using this engine is little bit slower. This slow process is happen because the machine is made to not produce heat.

Advantages of Cold Press Juicer

Cold press juicer has a lot of advantages that you might never think before. This type of juicer will maintain the main ingredients of vegetables and fruits. It is very valuable for you. The performance is also very efficient because it will produce more juice with less material. As one of the juicer, of course it must be able to blend multiple items. This machine is also capable to blend nut as one of your protein combinations. With the use of this juicer, you can also get a lot of pulps from the fruit. This is one of the aspect that people are looking or this entire time.

Top 3 Best Cold Press Juicer

Breville BJE200XL

After you know some benefit of cold press juicer, you must be encouraged to know the best product of this juicer type. Well, the first candidate that you should know is Breville BJE200XL. This kind of slow juicer is considered to be the great one. Although this juicer is only consuming 700 watt of electrical source, it is capable to produce high quality juice instead. The compartments are pretty large. The tube is also made to be larger than never before.

It has 3 inch tube that allows you to insert large sized fruit. It is also has a very exclusive design with its stainless steel filter. To complete the whole features, you can also get this dishwasher safe parts, you will be less messy to clean up these parts after you are enjoying the delicious cold press juice.


Breville 800JEXL

Breville is still leading the lineup of cold press juice machine for this year. The next product from this world class manufacturer is Breville 800JEXL. This type of juicer has a very tough appearance. All the materials are constructed by using high quality and beautiful designed metal. It makes the juicer is capable to be used in the dinner party or even in the family room.

This type of juicer is work well for you who love to consume juice with a lot of pulp. It happens because the juicer has a large sized pulp container that will avoid you to lose any pulps from your fruit. Overall size of the tube is 3 inch. It allows you to insert the whole fruit and vegetables at once. Indirectly, your preparation time in enjoying the juice will be shorter. The presence of die cast steel is also making this juicer durable.

Breville JE98XL

One more Breville product which needs to be chosen is Breville JE98XL. It is still belong to be one of the stylish juice extractor in the market. Its appearance is very good with silver and black colored housing. The performance and engine is working fine as well.

This juicer is equipped with 850 watt dual speed motor. This motor can produce a spacious vitamin, nutrients and enzyme from any fruit or vegetables that you juice. A safety locking arm is another part that might improve the convenience in using this juicer. With a lot of features and elements inside, it should be the strongest candidate for your next juicer to use.



Best Citrus Juicer Reviews

Although there are bunch of fruit and vegetables that we can choose as the base juice material, Citrus fruit is always the best to choose. They are not only has a lot of water amount. The citrus fruits are also well known to be the delicious fruit ever. It has a lot of positive element such as vitamins and enzymes. To enjoy the whole presence of citrus fruit, you will need best citrus juicer to use. Not all the juicer can provide best citrus juice product properly. By choosing the appropriate juicer, you will be able to extract your citrus fruit easier and effectively.

What Is Citrus Juicer All About?

In the middle of the market competition, it is rather hard to select one citrus juice. All of them are almost perfect; they come with additional features, long time warranty until the very affordable price. To make you clearer, you have to know that citrus juicer is basically a simple juicer. It is only functioned as a citrus juice. It makes the function of the juicer is more specific. It is unlike the other juicer that can be used for fruit and vegetable juice. This type of juicer is rather bit different. It has a very special function of extracting the liquid, vitamin and even the pulps.

Advantage of Citrus Juicer

Having a well working citrus juicer is very beneficial. You will be able to enjoy your favorite citrus fruit without needed to peel it off. Just prepare the material, turn on your juicer and insert all the citrus fruit into the juicer. It is good for you who want to have healthy body but does not have enough time of eat them off.

Citrus juice is also believed to be one of the most valuable and tasteful fruit juices that are ever made. It makes a lot of people love to drink this type of juice for sure.

Top 3 Best Citrus Juicer

Breville 800CPXL

So now, what type of device you need to use in getting the best juicer for citrus? Well, you can consider Breville 800CPXL as one of your choice. This is a simple juicer that works well for pressing your citrus fruit. We know that most of the citrus juicer is made of plastic. They are rarely designed to be beautiful. It is different with this one. It has great strength, a very quiet motor, and also jaws revolutionary active arm system instead. It makes all of your work in producing the citrus juice is much faster and easier.

It can afford single cone of citrus fruit. Inside the compartments you can find one coarse stainless steel filter. You can even insert this kind of juicer into the dishwasher for sure. It happens because the materials are made to be dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart CCJ-500

There is one more product that you can choose. Cuisinart CCJ-500 is one of the citrus juicer that has a very strange and special form. This cubical design will match perfectly for the presence of modern or minimal house and kitchen decoration elements. This type of juicer is also carries an auto reversing reamer. Besides that, its final spin feature is also helpful to gain spacious impression in getting the better juice quality.

All the materials are made to be very solid and attractive. The metal housing is brushed and has a very sleek performance. You can juice any size of cone as you want. It will provide comfortable sense for all the people who love citrus juice. If you are lack of idea in making the citrus drink, this juicer is also give a free recipe books once you buy it from the store. Features of snap up spout will also avoid any dripping possibilities that is commonly happen for citrus juices.

Tribest CitriStar CS-1000

If the other juicer are equipped with stainless steel or die cast housing material, you will find different sensation in Tribest CitriStar CS-1000. This juicer is made to be very tiny and beautiful. Although it has a very simple design, the way it works is pretty impressive.

This juicer is only consuming 110V. You can enjoy your fresh citrus juice in a snap. The high quality screen makes the engine away from clogging. It is also very easy to be cleaned after usage. To produce high convenience for its entire user, the manufacturer is applying easy one touch operation for this juicer.



Best Wheatgrass Juicer Reviews

It is always worth to spend so much efforts and getting healthy body as a result. One of the efforts that you can make is to be selective in choosing the food and drinks. Delicious taste is a secondary thing to consider. One most important thing is all about the nutrients that are contained inside. Choosing some fruit or juice to consume is a great idea to balance your eating. Wheatgrass juice is a proper option or you who want extra nutrients. It can be made by using best wheatgrass juicer that re available in the market. So, it is not expensive as you think.

Before you drink the beneficial wheatgrass juicer, you have to know wheatgrass juicer itself. Basically it is nearly the same like the other juice. It comes from the natural elements cut as fruit and vegetables. The difference is that the nutrients are much tighter than any type of juice. In a portion of wheatgrass juice, it is the same with pound of raw fruit. Well, it is pretty amazing, is not it? With all the elements that are contained in the juice, you will be able to gain spacious body health for sure.

Wheatgrass Juicer Benefits

As the different type of juice, wheatgrass juicer should be able to produce high nutrients and vitamin it its juice result. The benefits are so many. You can enjoy the whole presence of pound fruit at once. You do not need any effort to eat them up one by one. It is amazing to have healthy drink in a single glass of juice. The presence of nutrients can help you in getting high antioxidants. It also contains rich phytonutrients and also functioned well as a detoxifier. Well, these materials are pretty good for your health support, especially for the liver and blood health.

Top 3 Best Wheatgrass Juicer

Handy Pantry HJ

Not all the juicer is capable to produce wheatgrass juicer. It needs some special material to produce the best quality of wheatgrass juice for you. One of the spacious juicer that you can choose is Handy Pantry HJ. It is a kind of manual juicer that is still capable to produce high quality wheatgrass juice. The design is very old, but the presence of its stainless steel material is very interesting. It has manual solid material with nontoxic based elements.

The juicer is capable to work with leafy greens, soft fruit and even wheat grass. You can even use it for house hold and daily use. With the less power of the juicer, you can safe your budget of electrical needs. It is also good to be used as part of commercial needs. With this type of juicer, you will be ready to enjoy juice anywhere anytime without electricity.

Miracle Exclusives

To complete your options in choosing wheatgrass juicer, you can apply Miracle Exclusives for your kitchen area. This type of juicer is still belonging as one of the handed or manual type of juicer. The juicer is having a very sleek design with a powerful finish. It make the juicer is very capable to be combined with the other stainless steel material in your kitchen. Although this type of juicer looks so small, it is still easy to be cleaned. It is also dishwasher safe so you can reduce your efforts in clean this stuff up. With the pure technology which is crafted in the manual tool, you will have superb extraction for this stuff.

You can even dissemble and reassembly this device as you wishes. The presence of this feature will allow you to juice wheatgrass and ballers grass in a very fine result. Although you are using manual method, it will never rust and has toxic.

Nutriteam HD-7700

After considering about some manual stuff, you can come to the motorized wheatgrass juicer. It comes from Nutriteam HD-7700. The product is all about the 200 watt powered electrical juicer. This type of juicer is using low speed juicing process that can keep all nutrients and vitamins are working well for your drink. This type of juicer will only have 47 rpm of maximum speed.

With the use of double edge will make the juice has larger amount of extract. This juicer is also has auto cleaning features. It can be done by removing pulp while you are juicing the wheatgrass.